The Plan to Put a 3-D Printer With Robot Arms Into Orbit

"But a company called Made in Space is indifferent to space’s indifference. In a first, it’s showed that it can 3-D print in a thermal vacuum chamber, which simulates the nastiness of space. It’s a milestone in the outfit’s ambitious Archinaut program, which hopes to launch a 3-D printer with robot arms into orbit."

Made in Space Think Big with Archinaut

"Within five years, companies could begin in-orbit manufacturing and assembly of communications satellite reflectors or other large structures, according to Made in Space, the Silicon Valley startup that sent the first 3D printer to the International Space Station in 2014." 

NASA and the Amazing Space Printer

"Made In Space is also working on Archinaut, a system the company said would one day enable the manufacture of huge structures that could be assembled, in space, by robots."

Made in Space Taps Northrop Grumman as Subcontractor

"Unlike the two previous projects that will work inside ISS, Archinaut is a free-flying robotic spacecraft capability that does 3-D printing, manufacturing and assembly, all in the harsh environment of space. "

Blasting News

Made in Space to Test Space Manufacturing at NASA's International Space Station

"Made in Space is preparing to launch a second generation space based 3D printer to the International Space Station."

GovCon Wire

Northrop, Oceaneering, Made in Space to Build On-Orbit 3D Printer With Robotic Arm

"Northrop will provide software, systems engineering, control electronics and space station interface support for the Archinaut project, while Oceaneering will provide the robotic arm to be integrated with Made in Space’s 3D printer."

NASA and Made In Space Are Building a Multi-Armed 3D Printing Space Robot Named Archinaut

"The two-year-long, $20 million NASA project will culminate in a live, orbital demonstration of Archinaut’s ability to create large, complex structures sometime in 2018."

The Manufacturer

NASA Awards $20M Contract to Made In Space to Develop In-Space Manufacturing

"Made in Space envisions Archinaut enabling spacecraft which manufacture and assemble unlaunchable structures once on orbit, enabling new mission capabilities such as large antennas and base stations."

3D Printing Industry

Made In Space Preps to Send First Commercial 3D Printer to ISS

"This endeavor, along with Made In Space’s Archinaut project for 3D printing large-scale structures in space, is designed to enable manufacturing in space itself, to lighten the load for rockets on Earth."


Made In Space Additive Manufacturing Facility

"Archinaut is designed to develop the necessary technologies to enable the first additive manufacturing, aggregation, and assembly of large and complex systems in space without astronaut extravehicular activity."